DJ Qube is a club, mobile, and production Audio and Video DJ based in the greater Los Angeles area.

Born in San Francisco in 1972, my musical roots coincide with the release of the Thriller album by Michael Jackson (RIP). My childhood influences range from a wide variety of artists including Prince, Huey Lewis, Bon Jovi, The Go-Go's, The Cars, INXS, and later Run DMC and Boogie Down Productions. I took my love for music to another level when I was introduced to DJing and turntablism at the age of 17.

Once I was able to save up enough for a pair of used 1200's, I partnered up with a fellow novice DJ that had a beat up 19" Numark mixer with missing switches and a fader knob that used to pop off all the time. My DJ career was born. I quickly became one of the primary DJs for various clubs, house parties, and large scale events during the next few years in San Luis Obispo California, where I spent my college days. As cofounder of Big Johnson Productions (now BJP Entertainment) and member of Rhythm in Motion, I spent every spare moment behind the turntables and every spare dollar on vinyl.

Now based in the South Bay region of the greater Los Angeles area, my time behind the turntables has taken a back seat to the job that pays the bills, but my love for music is still at an all time high.

The advent of digital vinyl has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities. DJ's no longer have to spend $7 on a single 12", and little guys like myself no longer have to carry 50 lb crates of records to gigs. But more importantly, the door of creativity has been blown wide open. DJ's can now produce and remix their own music at home, then play it at the club that same night. With DJs now sharing digital music collections, a DJ's "rare" vinyl collection is not as prevalent a factor as it once was. The separation between DJs now more than ever lies in a DJ's skillset, and that is what I strive to bring to the world (in my spare time, that is).